TH1800 Terahertz Imaging Instrument

TH1800 Terahertz Imaging Instrument

TH1800 Terahertz Imaging Instrument


NUCTECHTM TH1800 Terahertz Imaging Instrument is a high-performance, stand-off people screening solution designed and manufactured by NUCTECH. By applying advanced passive terahertz technology, TH1800 Terahertz Imaging Instrument can detect metal and non-metal objects concealed under clothing.

NUCTECHTM TH1800 receives the terahertz signal emitted from the human body to form a high contrast, real-time terahertz image with automatic threat detection. High resolution cameras are integrated into the system to assist the operator in the detection of contraband.

NUCTECHTM TH1800 provides outstanding features in its non-radiation, high throughput and invisibility. It has many applications for the rapid screening of people at customs facilities, explosion proof, loss & prevention and other types of checkpoints.

Technology features

  • Passive submillimeter-wave (THz) imaging technology. No radiation emitted, absolutely safe.
  • Non-contact people screening,walk through design, no need to stop.
  • Scanned image does not show detailed body surface features – no privacy issues.
  • Effective detection of metal/non-metal weapons, IEDs, liquids, narcotics concealed under clothing as well as suicide vest.
  • Automatically locate suspected items based on deep learning technique.
  • Small footprint, plug & play.

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