Railway Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System

Railway Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System

Railway Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System


The NUCTECHTM RF Series Railway Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System is an ideal solution for non-intrusive and rapid inspection of railroad vehicles at a fixed railway station or border crossing. The designing concept of RF product originated from the customized requirements of our clients across the world, which is a good example of the positive interaction between enterprise and market.

RF Series adopts the 6MeV(Optional 6/3MeV) or 9MeV(Optional 9/6MeV)  high-energy electron linear accelerator as its radiation source to penetrate and inspect fully-loaded railroad vehicles. With patented technologies of Fast-Sampling (FS) and Speed SelfAdaption (SSA), RF Series can inspect railcars at speeds of up to 30 km/hr (Optional 60km/hr) without any image distortion.

Technical Features

  • Secured drive-through railway security solution at speeds up to 30km/hr without any image distortion
  • Automatic image separating function to identify and store images of each railway car of a long train
  • Function well in harsh weather conditions such as extremely cold, hot, windy, rainy or snowy
  • Unique FS and SSA technologies for high performance and advanced IDE technology for better material discrimination
  • All the core technologies of the system are owned by NUCTECH

Product Model

RF9066  RF9010  RF9020  RF6010

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