Passenger Car Inspection System

Passenger Car Inspection System

Passenger Car Inspection System


The NUCTECHTM CS Series passenger car inspection system is a new generation top-view portal inspection system.

The NUCTECHTM CS Series is designed more suitable for inspecting the small vehicles at toll stations, government agencies, border crossings, important places, etc. High quality scanning images and powerful software tools can help inspectors to identify concealed contrabands or dangerous goods inside quickly without manually checking the vehicle.

Besides the drive-through mode, the system also processes an innovative vehicle transport system in the scanning tunnel which can move the vehicle through
the scanning automatically.

Technical Features

  • Easy-analyzed top-view scanning image
  • Innovative conveyor system allowing up to 30 passenger vehicles per hour in conveying scan mode
  • Easy and quick installation and deployment with minimum external infrastructure requirement
  • Reliable radiation safety facilities
  • Customized hardware and software according to the customers’ requirment
  • Optional: Maximum 150 passenger vehicles per hour in drive-through mode

Product Model

CS1000T  CS0300T  CS0200T

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