Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System

Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System

Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System


The NUCTECHTM PB Series Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System is an ideal portal security solution for precise non-intrusive cargo/vehicle inspection. PB Series is available in single or dual view versions and can be equipped with the patented technology of the Interlaced Dual Energy (IDE).

PB Series only needs limited external infrastructures and provides the state-of-the-art technology for inspecting conventional cargo contained in trucks, ocean going containers, and other kinds of containers mounted upon trucks, automobiles, and cargo vans. Contrabands, dangerous materials and other threats such as drugs, explosives and weapons can be easily detected.

Technical Features

  • Ideal portal security solution with patented technology such as IDE for high quality organic/inorganic material discrimination
  • Various innovative towing devices are optional to drag cargo/vehicle through the scanning tunnel smoothly and guarantees the high quality images
  • Optional dual view configuration with independent horizontal and vertical imaging subsystem
  • Powerful image processing functions and reliable radiation protection measures
  • All the core technologies of the system are owned by NUCTECH

Product Model

PB2028TL  PB2028TD  PB2028TH  PB2000  PB6000  PB6000DE  PB6000IQ  PB3000CC  PB6000CC

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