BI2002 Human Body Inspection System

BI2002 Human Body Inspection System


The NUCTECHTM BI2002 Body Inspection System is an ideal solution for detection of both metallic and non-metallic threats and contrabands concealed inside body and artificial limbs, beneath clothes and in shoes. Working with the best proven and extra low dose x-ray transmission imaging technology, and featuring unmatched imaging performance, ergonomic and friendly user interface, excellent reliability and maintainability, the BI2002 has an attractive market prospects at customs, airports, rail transportation stations, prisons, rare metal mines and etc.

Technology features

  • By extra low dose x-ray transmission imaging, all kinds of threats and contrabands inside body are detectable.
  • Unparalleled imaging performance guaranteed by applying advanced medical x-ray generator optimized for body screening, high resolution detector technology, and creative system structure design for scanning human body in static status.
  • X-ray radiation exposure to human body is reduced to a minimal, by using diversity x-ray doses for persons with different size, filtering useless soft x-rays, and scanning Region of Interest only.
  • Full radiation protection design around the whole equipment, makes the x-ray leakage out of the housing covers is close to natural background level, and no extra radiation protection structure, region or measurements are required.
  • Windows system based computer platform builds powerful network capabilities with good compatibility and easy extendibility, and gains great advantages in network applications.

Technical Specifications

Screening Region 2000mm(H) × 800mm(W) (Full body)
Dimensions 2670mm(L) ×1900mm (W)×2550mm (H)
Weight 1300Kg
Power Consumption 3kVA

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